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6 Ways MAX Digital Showroom Can Make Life Easier
MAX Digital Showroom makes any car salesperson's life much easier by giving you all of the information you need to make the sale at asking price. Below are 6 simple ways that MAX Digital Showroom will make selling any vehicle on the lot a breeze.
  • Become a product expert on every car that you have on your dealership's lot. With a quick window sticker scan or search on your mobile phone, pull up the vehicle's Value Report. "This 6 Series is priced $1,713 below Kelley Blue Book, is certified with low miles, comes with $11,950 worth of option packages, has a 5 star JD Power Rating, is a CarFax 1-Owner, and you save an average of $4,800 versus this same model in the market."
  • Sell on options NOT on price! "Hey, I saw on Auto Trader, ABC Motors is 2 miles down the road and has a 6 Series for $1,500 less than you. Why is that?"... Have no fear. Simply, help the customer understand your 6 Series has $11,950 worth of option packages. Turn it back around to the customer and ask what the other car carries for packages. "Our 6 Series has the M Sport Package, Driver Assistance Plus Package, 20" wheels and has adaptive LED Headlights. I'd be curious to know, have you asked ABC Motors what their 6 Series has on it?"
  • Need to know which trucks come with the luxury equipment group? Easily Filter your inventory, even down to super granular trim or package levels.
  • You're walking the lot with a customer, they called about that 2016 BMW 4 Series, but realized a Gran Coupe is sitting right next to it. How do you respond if you don't know much about this particular vehicle? Easily scan the window sticker and show the customer the value behind this hidden gem. Transparency of information can go a long way. Even recommend to the customer to pull out their phone and scan your inventory for any car that they want to know more about.
  • Talk about the original MSRP's of the vehicle packages. "That 6 Series down the road may be $1,500 less than mine, but we've got a ton of great options packaged into ours."
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