MAX Path to Purchase Simplifies Sales

Provide a simple, expedited and repeatable process for dealership sales teams to follow that is aligned with the way customers want to buy. In the internet era, car shoppers want to buy a vehicle the way they purchase other goods and services: with transparency, expertise, and convenience.

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Improve Productivity, Improve Your Automotive Sales Process

Supply your sales team with an easy way to build trust and confidence with customers throughout the entire automotive sales process. A technology-enabled system gives your salespeople a streamlined process that eliminates the need to drop prices and gives customers the peace of mind that they are receiving the best quality and value.

Keep Your Sales Team Where They Are

Reduce your salesperson turnover with a platform that guides the team through the process and gives them the tools to make your dealership really shine! With salesperson turnover rates in dealerships exceedingly high, MAX Path to Purchase is designed to help alleviate car sales training challenges by putting salespeople on “a program,” allowing them to be more successful from the get-go.


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About Us

MAXDigital provides cloud-based software and mobile applications to the automotive industry. As the industry’s premium end-to-end software solution for automotive dealers, MAXDigital empowers thousands of dealerships across the U.S. to manage inventory, increase gross profits and sell more cars through digital retailing. Founded in 2011, the MAXDigital suite of products includes FirstLook, an inventory management platform, MAX Ad®, a best-in-class content generation and distribution system, MAX for Website®, a vehicle value and content creator for dealer websites, MAX Digital Showroom®, a real-time sales tool for desktop and mobile that builds trust and transparency with customers, and MAX Path to Purchase™, an innovative software that removes hassle for customers and provides a streamlined car shopping process.

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